Thank you for taking a moment to review why Vapin’ The Sun, 2016 is unlike any other show you have ever seen in the vaping industry.  This is, indeed, a bold statement, but this #conventionforacause offers some of the industry’s most innovative, exciting and consumer-based agendas you have ever seen.  Please allow us to show you how Vapin’ the Sun, 2016 will be an experience you will never forget.  Consumers and vendors alike will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fun, advocacy, and amazing deals – with all of the proceeds helping to support a truly noble cause – The Vape a Vet Project.

So, how is this event unlike any other vaping convention?

First and foremost, all proceeds from the convention will benefit The Vape a Vet Project (a 501c3 charity that provides starter kits and care packages to active and former Service Members completely free of charge to them).  There are no strings attached, no hidden fees, and no alternative agendas.  It’s as simple as this: every single penny that is received from sponsors and other activities goes directly to The Vape a Vet Project.  In fact, all sponsorship checks and wire transfers are made directly to The Vape a Vet Project.  Additionally, our team of dedicated event managers generously donate their time and expertise into creating a convention that supports our community.  Everything that goes into Vapin’ the Sun is out of passion, dedication, and service to our community.

The Vapin’ the Sun planning team has collectively participated in over 100 vape conventions as exhibitors, attendees, and planners.  Pulling from past experiences, we have created a detailed plan that soon became, “Not Just Another Vape Convention.”   We have asked hundreds of consumers and businesses what they like and do not like to see at conventions and have taken each and every piece of advice and put it into action.

Vapin’ The Sun will feature 50,000 square feet of convention space indoors, along with an attached 175,000 square feet of outdoor lawn in sunny Arizona. The average temperature in Arizona in February is 70 degrees. While the vendors and convention will be inside, there will be activities out on the lawn as well. The goal of Vapin’ the Sun is to unite vapers, smokers, and the general public all in one location.  For vapers we will have over 100 vendor booths including advocacy and the first ever Giant Vapes booth.  For exhibitors, it is important to know that we have taken every step possible to bring in smokers and non-vapers into our convention.  This equates to public education surrounding the vaping industry and potential new customers as smokers will be drawn to the significant health benefits of vaping.

Our “Vaping 101” section, sponsored by Suicide Bunny and Cyclops Vapor, will be dedicated to those that currently smoke and come as visitors to our convention. Trade shows can be highly intimidating for someone that has never been a part of the vaping industry, and our goal with the Vaping 101 section is to reduce any anxiety and create a safe and fun environment for new vapers to learn about their new lifestyle change.  Smokers will be able to visit the booth and receive starter kit and liquid completely free of charge.  The professionals at Suicide Bunny and Cyclops Vapor will help to educate individuals on proper safety of vaping as proper use of their new device.

Friday – Charity Poker Tournament / Pre Party:

On Friday, February 19th there will be a Charity Poker Tournament and Pre-Party sponsored by Suicide Bunny. This poker tournament will be held in the Moonshine Room on the grounds of Rawhide, with the adjacent Mission Patio available if you just want to have some drinks and socialize. There will be a full bar on site, and maybe even some cornhole!

The Poker Tournament begins at 8:30pm and will run until 11:30pm. The cost to enter is as follows: $50 entry will get you $1500 in chips. $100 entry will get you $3500 in chips. The winner of the tournament will receive a prize of half the entry fees collected, with the other half going to The Vape a Vet Project. Second and third place will receive prize packs containing items from the show vendors. No addons or re-buys are allowed, and there is absolutely no side games allowed once knocked out of the tournament.

For you bounty hunters, BRV’s own Dan Short will be playing in the tournament. Knock him out and you will receive a $300 Visa gift card.

Even if you do not play poker, be sure to stop by from 8pm – Midnight to kick off this #conventionforacause!

Saturday – Live Concert / After Party:

On Saturday, February 20th, at the close of the convention, Giant Vapes is sponsoring a live concert on the great lawn.  Multi-Platinum rockers Candlebox and Saliva will be headlining the show. This concert will be free of charge as long as you have your badge from the show. If you would like to attend just the concert, we request a small donation of $20 to The Vape a Vet Project.  The purpose of this show is not only entertainment, but also inclusion of people from outside of the vaping community to come to our convention.  Inclusion of the non-vaping community is of the utmost importance at our convention, and we believe this concert is an excellent way to bring in the general public.

What you will see at Vapin’ the Sun: 

  • Multiple advocacy groups providing education on how you can get involved to keep vaping alive.
  • A unique Business to Business experience.
  • Free on-site childcare for children ages 6 months and up. The location is on-site but completely away from the convention and vapers.


What you will NOT see at Vapin’ the Sun: 

  • Scantily clad booth babes, body paint or pole dancers. All models must be properly dressed and professional.
  • CBD or cannabis vendors.
  • Companies or brands that use questionable marketing or logos (IP theft, copyright infringement, etc).
  • Amplified music from vendors making it difficult to communicate with consumers and other vendors.


If you have any specific questions or would like more information feel free to email info@vapinthesun.com.