Best Rate Merchant Services

The Merchant Services provider of The Vape a Vet Project!

Simi Valley, CA

Best Rate Merchant Service offers a wide variety of services that will complement your business needs. As a full service provider, we offer competitive pricing, 24/7 In-House Customer Support and a streamlined application process that will allow you to accept credit and debit card payments in no time!

Best Rate Merchant Service provides services to thousands of Vape & Electronic Cigarette merchants, processing Billions of dollars annually. Apply With Confidence. Start Accepting Credit Card Payments for your ECig & Vape Business Today!

•  Customer service and dedication to their clientele has earned Best Rate Merchant Service excellent reviews and an A+ BBB rating.

•  Best Rate Merchant Service has become the Elite Industry Leader in Credit Card Processing for the Vape and E-Cigarette Industry.

•  With over 15 years of experience, Best Rate Merchant Service has grown their vape and ecig clientele to nearly 3,000+ merchants and securely processes over $30,000,000+ monthly for the vape and ecig industries alone.

•  Best Rate Merchant Service provides more than just merchant services; Best Rate provides all merchants with the Best Practices when handling their payment processing, along with added education to protect themselves from fraud or unexpected chargebacks.

•  Best Rate Merchant Service understands the level of customer support and security needed in order to grow your vape business.

•  Best Rate Merchant Service knows that the Vape and Ecig industries are highly targeted for fraud and is prepared to help protect you.