Blue Dragon Vapor

Stop Smoking - Start Vaping

Tempe, AZ

I have lost many family and friends to Smoking and secondhand smoke over the years and my husband could not quit smoking, He had tried everything, even the prescription from the doctor, and then a friend told him and showed him the vape, and he has never touched a cigarette since.  We had a new baby, and the baby would cry when he held him, and I said I think unfortunately its because of the smoke on you, even though you go outside and change your shirt, its still on your breathe and skin, and he decided to give vaping a try.  Than we discussed looking into opening a shop and I said lets take our savings and make the best shop ever created and have the best prices so that people can afford to continue and really get off cigarettes and Stick to it, and so we did, and now here we are 9 months after opening and hoping to encourage more people everyday to switch. Get Happier and healthier and save money doing it.   Vaping saves lives! And it smells and tastes delicious and we can create any flavor you like.