Fine Vapors

Proud Owners, Happy Customers

Mesa & Gilbert, AZ

Fine Vapors is a Arizona business founded in July of 2014. Fine Vapors was built on the idea of helping individuals quit smoking with legendary customer service, affordability, money back guarantee, and quality. After six months of business following these ethics; Fine Vapors was able to expand in January of 2015 in Mesa.

Expanding was not the final step for the company. After many months of research and development Fine Vapors created their first 6 house flavors. These six flavors were created with consistency, passion, quality, and top tier ingredients.

In February of 2015 Fine Vapors wanted to ensure the consistency and quality of their brand; They created a food grade clean room to manufacturer and distribute their e-liquid.

Every bottle purchased from Fine Vapors has been pre-steeped two weeks and the consistency is of epic proportions. They are well known for their one for $12 or two for $20 house juices and all name brand 18650 batteries.