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Vaping is not a Fad - It's a Lifestyle.

Phoenix, AZ

Here at FlaveTastic we have all been vaping for a few years, and have all had our fair share of mods. Like most people we started with the typical analog cigarette and moved on up from there. We  all noticed the difference when we put down the analog cig’s within just a few days and starting building mech mods. The results caught us off guard, and we absolutely loved it. We noticed we could smell things we didn’t even notice before!, things taste better than ever before! We had more energy, more stamina, and overall a happier life.  We wanted everyone we knew that smoked to experience this too!!! We wanted everyone to live a healthier, happier life. We no longer wanted our friends and family killing themselves with carcinogens and poisons. We wanted to see them grow old with us. However, tragedy struck before we could reach everyone, and one of our family members was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 37. Heartbreaking, he was a two pack a day smoker and  he passed only 4 months after diagnosis. That was a pain that we would never want anyone to have to experience if avoidable. We decided to use it as fuel for our fire, a driving force. We were determined to create an E-Juice that was a massively healthier alternative to those analog cig that cause so much pain and suffering across the nation. We were determined to provide this to everyone we could. To help as many people who would take it. To provide all those in a search to get away from the poisons that control them an alternative, healthier product. We want everyone to be healthier, happier and overall live a better life. WILL YOU SHARE THAT VISION WITH US????

At FlaveTastic Vapor we don’t just create and sell High quality E-juice. We are a part of the Vape At FlaveTastic Vapor we don’t just create and sell High quality e-juice. We are a part of the Vape community!

FlaveTastic Vapor Takes pride in providing a product that stands apart from all others. We create our own unique Blend Flavors that Stand out and will have you loving FlaveTastic vapor. Our product is a healthier alternative to the increasingly harmful analog cigarette.

We are “Bout That Vape Life!”