IMC Vapors

Your tastebuds are cleared for takeoff.

Palatine, IL

IMC Vapors LLC is a manufacturer of handmade artisan premium e-liquids. Founded by a pilot, his love of clouds translated from the air into the vape game. After quitting smoking for his aviation career, our founder had trouble finding an affordable, delicious flavor. Frustrated by this, he decided to found IMC Vapors LLC.

In fact, the term “IMC” comes from our aviation heritage. IMC is an aviation term that stands for Instrument meteorlogical conditions. Instrument meteorological conditions is an aviation flight category that describes weather conditions that require pilots to fly primarily by reference to instruments, and therefore under instrument flight rules (IFR), rather than by outside visual references under visual flight rules (VFR). Typically, this means flying in very large, thick clouds or heavy fog.

All of our products are manufactured in an certified ISO clean environment using only the highest quality ingredients and are lab tested to ensure safety and consistency.