Juice Fiend

High quality, Lab made E-Juice. Come and find your new all day vape.

Phoenix, AZ

Founded by Patrick and Kendra Legenzoff in 2015, Juice Fiend is a high quality E-juice created in a state of the art lab with the highest quality ingredients. With unbeatable prices, Juice Fiend strives to bring an alternative to Tobacco and cigarettes. While they were both in early recovery, Patrick and Kendra were introduced to the vaping culture and instantly fell in love with the alternative to cigarettes. However, with their finances in strain, they couldn’t afford the high quality juices that they craved. This led to them doing research and studying the process of manufacturing their own brand of E-juice. In the beginning, Patrick focused on delivering his E-juice to friends, family and fellow AA members but as the demand increased, both Patrick and Kendra knew that they would have to expand their horizons. After finding the locally based laboratory, Butt Out Labs, the two were able to mass produce higher quality e-juice on a larger scale.

Since then, JUICE FIEND’s high quality flavors have spread to 13 stores in three different states. Vapor enthusiasts from all over rave about the wide range of complex flavors. Patrick developed extensive knowledge since his start in 2013 and hopes to expand upon his technique in the years to come. Patrick and Kendra continue to grow and learn as they attempt to reach and teach the benefits of vaping to as many people as possible.