Kegger Vaporcraft

Perfecting E-Liquid one area code at a time.

Houston, TX

With the creation of new and improved mediums to “vape,” the E-Juice market has also carved a path of exponential expansion. Endless flavor profiles burst with colorful, creative concoctions giving consumers an endless sea of choices to satiate their palates. For retailers and consumers, we understand that this can make any calculated decision become a bit overwhelming.

KEGGER Vaporcraft Brewery Premium E-Liquid is artfully handcrafted and brewed in Houston, TX. Kegger’s flavors are named after area codes; geographic locations across the  U.S. in which we draw inspiration from. All of our current and future flavor profiles will focus on Fruit flavors.

We are firm believers in quality. Our products contain only premium ingredients: Flavor Extracts / Nicotine & USP Kosher Grade Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin.
In addition, Kegger’s flavors DO NOT contain any sweeteners whatsoever. This allows for a clean, all day vape that won’t caramelize coils. Our flavors are subtle, complex fruit profiles creating a “Goldilock’s” experience for all users.