Simply Vapors

5 Kentucky locations!


We started in business in 2011 at The Awesome Flea Market in Shepherdsville, KY. We have grown into 5 locations located in Bardstown, Danville, Elizabethtown, Radcliff, and our first location in the Awesome Flea Market.

A little bit about us: We were smokers for many years. We tried everything to become smoke free with no success. Electronic cigarettes became our gateway to success. After researching electronic cigarettes, we came to the conclusion that they are a safe and effective way to better your health and still enjoy the pleasure of smoking. We have decided to share this with other smokers and as a result, Simply Vapors came about.

We are a small company. We don’t have a fancy website or thousands of products. However, we offer low prices and believe in excellent customer service. We believe in the old fashioned way of doing business by offering a quality product at a reasonable price.