The Vaping Militia

Committed to protecting the rights and health of vapors by advocating for safe public use of personal vaporizers.


Mission Statement:

Create a community of vapers and the businesses that support vaping.

Provide a network of active individuals of like beliefs so that we can organize and find those with the talents to lead the efforts in each state or region.

Assist individual advocacy groups in forming by creating tools and providing information and notifying the members of grassroots networking in their respective areas.

Create a open collaborative environment where the resources are created once to use by any movement that identifies with our cause.

Generate funding for direct support of efforts the falls between the scope of larger national advocacy and local advocacy.

Maintain an immediate response presence as a communications network that is flexible and will have the flexibility to step outside of traditional roles to meet the needs of this community, including but not limited to boots on the ground organization, mailings, social media, email and news blasts at local and state advocacy levels.