Delivering a top of the line premium e-liquid at a fraction of the price.

St. Louis, MO

It’s not often we see a premium e-juice company based in St. Louis.  It’s also not often we see a company with passion for the vaping industry like THRST.

Founded in late 2014, and perhaps the most aptly named brand in the industry, THRST is an eliquid company driven by just that:  Thirst.  A thirst for knowledge, a thirst for quality, a thirst for community, and, of course, a thirst for flavor.  That thirst drove founders Gentry and Connor to not only create the best damn eliquid they could, but to make a commitment to delivering that high-quality, thirst-fueled product to the community at a low price without cutting corners.  That thirst, that passion, is why THRST has exploded onto the e-juice scene so quickly and profoundly.

Trust them when they tell you.  The THRST is real.